My wandering spirit has taken me to weird and wonderful places on earth – some less travelled than others –  but there are still a lot of places in my bucket to explore.  I also like to  read and … Google  (an I do a lot of that!) hence also my Geocaching name Google Mama.  I hope this blog help you gain confidence to take your first step on your journey of places that you want to see and experience. Feel free to approach us if you have any questions.  We are always available to share stories – yours or ours –  over a cup of coffee or two, or three. If you like to collaborate or be associated with the team and our travels drop us an e-mail at: or leave a message on Facebook or Instagram. We well respond as soon as possible. If we do no respond immediately know that we are out exploring! Sorry, but Travelbucket do not accept any guest posts.  Here we share our stories and experiences.

“Travel is learning”  —  Swahili proverb

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