The Christ Church is an 18th-century Anglican  church in the city of  Malacca, Malaysia  and  is the oldest functioning Protestant church in Malaysia. The church is built in the Dutch Colonial architecture style, which reminds me a lot of the buildings that we see in Cape Town, and is laid out in a simple rectangle . The ceiling rises to  12 meter and is spanned by wooden beams, each carved from a single tree.  The floors of the church are paved with granite blocks originally used as ballast for merchant ships.  The church bell is inscribed with the date 1698 suggesting that it was used for another purpose prior to the completion of the church. Originally painted white, the church and the neighbouring Stadhuys building was painted red in 1911 and this distinctive colour scheme has remained the hallmark of Malacca’s Dutch-era buildings since. Another World Heritage site that can be ticked off by… Read more >


I stepped back in time when we visited this UNESCO world heritage site that looks out over the Straits of Melacca.  This town, which is situated about two and a half hours’ drive south of the capital Kuala Lumpur, is filled with history and many other influences.  Once we arrived in Melacca a lot of things looked familiar yet slightly different which immediately reminded me of my home country, South Africa.  Then it dawned upon me that this is where a lot of the influences in South Africa come from as a lot of South Africans are of Malay decent. We had a weekend to spare after hubby concluded his business trip to Kuala Lumpur so we hopped on one of the many long distance buses which runs between KL and Melacca. Driving out of KL I noticed many kilometres of rubber and palm olive plantations.   At first it is… Read more >

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