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A trip to Lesotho country can easily be incorporated into a South African trip provided that you have your own vehicle with a good ground clearance, but preferably a 4×4 as the roads can become treacherous at times. Lesotho is not called the “mountain Kingdom” for nothing.  Everywhere you travel you will encounter mountains, mountains and some more mountains in every shape and size.  There is no way that you can avoid them when travelling so please take care on the narrow winding roads as you will also encounter men on horseback and pedestrians sharing the road with you.  So be considerate. The highest dam in Africa is located here –  Katse Dam – which also supplies water to Gauteng in South Africa.  Please take care not to pollute any of the streams as this has a ripple effect. Due to the high altitude temperatures can suddenly plummet to freezing… Read more >

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