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Since it is the festive season we all were feeling a bit laid back so we decided to treat ourselves with something nice.  And the perfect place for this?   At Bites inside the Robertson Brewery in Memorium Street! This is one of the places right on our doorstep, but that we have never visited before.  So off we go –  not for a beer but for a milkshake.  I must admit it does sound a bit strange to have a milkshake at a brewery, but it worked for me.  I had a Take a Break (stuffed with some chunks of KitKat), hubby enjoyed a Nutcracker (smothered with Nutella) and the not so little one had an Astrophysics (you guessed it – filled with lots of Astros). Perusing the menu I was quite surprised at all the delicious and tempting dishes on offer. You can indulge in an Elvis Presley breakfast,… Read more >

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