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On our flash pack trip in February, we travelled along the N10 that stretches all the way to Upington and beyond to the Namibian border. Britstown is more or less a dot on the map that is never an option for us to stop in.  Although it was a flash pack trip, I quickly Googled to see what comes up on Britstown and ta-ra-ra there you go!  Something new that I discovered so we had to stop to take the picture before we moved on.  Britstown was named after the local farmer J J F Britz (with a Z), better known as Hans.  Now what made Hans so important that a town was named after him?  Hold your hats!  The platteland never disappoints and always come up with some interesting facts and stories.  Hans Britz met the Dr David Livingstone, who visited his father-in-law, Robert Moffet, when he was on… Read more >


After packing up our overnight camp in Kasane we left Botswana through the Kazangula  border post (06:00- 18:00) to enter Zimbabwe.  Everything here was plain sailing – the gardens tidy, offices neat and even the official on duty greeting me unexpectedly in Afrikaans. Today we will be revisiting the Victoria Falls after nearly 20 years.  The mission of this?   To show the wonder of the Falls to some newby Africa travelers to marvel at one of God’s creations.  The first thing I noticed was the spray of the Falls forming the background of a rather quiet Victora Falls town.  The buzz of tourists wandering the streets lingering at sidewalk popup vendors are notably absent.   Instead “sale hunger” vendors follow your every step in the desperate hope to put something on their table tonight. We parked our vehicles in the shade of a tree at the Kingdom Hotel where the hotel… Read more >

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