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The first thing I noticed when we arrived in town is the massive prancing horse, surrounded by red roses, on the roundabout.   Welcome in Maranello! As we went in search for a bed for the night – that does not cost you an arm and a leg –  your senses are overwhelmed with the red factor on the streets.  This is Ferrari territory! Getting an appropriate place to sleep took us a wee bit longer than usual as every so often when a red Ferrari, with that distinctive growl, shoosh past us hubby will freeze in his steps.  Then after recovering from his frozen stance we moved a couple of steps forward just to get stopped in our tracks to gawk at another flamboyant red racer with that unmistakable sound.  Sensory overload par excellence! The next day we went in search of Pista di Fiorano, the race track which is… Read more >

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