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The Karoo has a beauty of its own – you either love it and see the beauty in the simplicity of the landscape or  completely hate it and just want to pass through as quickly as possible. The Karoo landscape comprises of big blue skies, typical Karoo koppies, windpumps of all shapes and sizes, sheep, the smell of Karoo vegetation, long and dusty gravel roads, beautiful churches and some interesting people in the countryside.  Priceless! Once you spent some time in the Karoo  you will fall in love with the little creatures, the spring flowers in bloom, the total quietness and  sultry evenings on offer. And last but not least if you get your timing right you may get rewarded with the most amazing sunsets you can imagine.  These are things that money cannot buy! After experiencing all of this you will want to come back again and again and again,… Read more >

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