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It is early August in Africa.  The days are not sweltering yet and the nights coolish, but not cold.  Actually perfect weather for the African bush! Arriving rather late in the afternoon and after randomly meeting a fellow South African who runs a business in Livingstone we discovered a gem of a shop called Stop Shop (open until late)  in the main street where we could buy everything from beer to fresh bread before heading to Maramba to make camp for the night.  The next morning, after stocking up at the Shoprite in Livingstone, we were heading to Kabula Tiger Lodge in Western Zambia.  Doing shopping at the Shoprite it felt like I was back home.  Everything was familiar, organized and easy to find – you will  even find good old Mrs Balls! Our aim was to do some tiger fishing and birding at Kabula Lodge (S17º02.404 E24º00.892).  On arrival… Read more >

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