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We had an amazing time out at Loch Maree deep in the beautiful landscape of the Kalahari.   As we headed north, deeper into the Kalahari, the scenery started changing. It was just big blue skies and wide open spaces.  Basically lots of nothing.  The road was quiet and empty. Besides a few passing vehicles, the only signs of life were the gigantic nests of the sociable weaver birds that seemed to colonies trees and electricity poles. I read that some of these huge nests have colonies of up to 50 chambers housing as many as 300 birds.  We also saw some of the nests that had fallen to the ground – I presume when they just get too heavy to sit to the telephone pole or tree. The Kalahari is not only amazingly rich in diversity but also reflects an endless variety of moods, making each new encounter different from… Read more >

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