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The historic Montagu pass is situated in my town’s  backyard . When you take the N12 from George towards Oudtshoorn you will find the sign to turn right onto a gravel road. Calm down and don’t be in a hurry when following this road.  It is very narrow with only single lane traffic possible and no trailers, caravans and trucks are allowed and just a special warning:   it is  popular with  mountain bikers coming down hill at great speeds!  At several occasions we narrowly missed these projectiles.  I swear that they do not have nerves or they are so high on adrenaline that they do not think straight …. Travelling with a 1962 Landy we do not have a choice other than to go slow, very slow and enjoy the ever changing views of the Outeniqua mountains covered in all shades of green, purple and pink as the flowers… Read more >


We are really enjoying our 1962 Landy now after the rebuild has been completed. We regularly go for a “coffee drive” where I pack my Stanley flask with steaming coffee and we just explore all the scenic passes in our own backyard.    What a joy and privilege to live in the Garden Route. Some times we take the dogs along with for the ride.  Chuck, the Fox Terrier, just loves it, but Pilot, the Jack Russel, is sometimes a bit nervous, but he is getting better the more he rides. Lately we have a new dog addition to the family – a Bull Terrier named Fiela – which we are training to enjoy the drives but sometimes it gets a bit busy at the back.  Hoofseun,  aka Pilot, is trying his best to teach her although he is not a very good traveller. Life passes you slowly when you drive… Read more >

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