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Take a day trip to Spitskop and enjoy the scenery deep in the Knysna Forest.  If you follow the Prince Alfred Pass that links Avontuur to Knysna you will pass the turn-off to Spitskop.   Take your own refreshments as there are no facilities along the road.  It is a slow drive as the gravel road may not be in a good condition and in any way, you should not be in hurry because the road is at times very potholed and maybe, just maybe, you will spot an elusive Knysna elephants. Along the route you will find a couple of picnic spots with the beautiful names like Valley of Ferns, Ysterhoutrug and Diepwalle.  In the shade of some indigenous trees at Ysterhoutrug picnic spot you can light a fire for a braai as there are designated areas.  This is also a good stop for the children to stretch their legs as… Read more >


Shipwrecks are tragic events, but for me a shipwreck is always shrouded with some mystery and stories on what went wrong, what freight did they have on board when tragedy struck, were there any loss of life and what were the weather conditions, etcetera.  Around Plettenberg Bay there are 18 hidden shipwrecks, the earliest one dating back to 1630, according to some research that I have done on the internet. I am not giving away my age, but some of you who are old enough will remember the stranding of the Athina at Robberg Beach, Plettenberg Bay.  Some members in my family were still little boys and girls when this happened back on the 1st of August 1967.  During the summer holiday of December 1967 my father in law swam out to the wreck, as I think a lot of holiday makers did too. At the date of the incident… Read more >

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