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by Inge Triegaardt In July 2018 I managed to grab a few friends and sort of forced them to be my team for an Amazing Race  to raise funds for a 13-year old girl who is attending the South African Indoor Cricket Championships later this year.  We managed to win the Amazing Race and our first prize was a breakfast at Oudebosch Farmstall and a Protea Tour at one of the largest Protea farms in the world. Now, being South African and loving the outdoors, I have a natural love for our national flower and always believed that it is one of the prettiest flowers I have ever seen.  I am still convinced that it is the case, but let me share my experience of going on a Protea Tour and learning all about the harvesting and caring of this beautiful flower.  I have a new appreciation for all the… Read more >


There are not a lot of swing bridges left in this modern world of ours, but it always brings some nostalgia for me.  One of them are the one that spans the churning waters of the Storms River in the Tsitsikamma National Park. If you start at the restaurant/shop follow the 900 metre wooden walk under the indigenous tree canopy to the mouth.  It is a fairly easy walk, but when reaching the end of the walkway you will need to descend some steep steps into the gorge to get to the bridge ……. just remember you have to return the same way …… so if the knees are not in that brilliant state anymore take note! After you crossed the 77 metre long bridge that hangs just seven metres above the river one arrives at a small pebbled cove which is protected from the elements and is a nice… Read more >

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