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Your trip is planned and you are about to set off on your overland trip!  Excitement is big and contagious, but on the other end of the scale you are also a bit nervous as you are unsure how to act around wild animals. Let me, as an experienced and seasoned African traveller, give some basic do’s and don’ts when you are out there: Zip up your tent – no matter how hot it is in side, zip up for various reasons. It keeps out bugs, mosquitoes and slithering things like snakes.  A lion will not bother you in your tent.  They do not realise that they can rip open the canvas with a quick stroke of the paw and no, an elephant will not trip over your tent.  Elephants are amazingly gracious when they walk. When you go to bed stow all food (and garbage) either in your tent… Read more >


Going solo off the beaten track is not for every off-road traveller whether you visit Botswana, Namibia or venture further into Africa past Zambia, going north.  There are pros and cons to it so you need to consider everything.  If you are a social person and like the company of fellow travellers and hate being alone then going solo is definitely not for you.  Groups also provide some security and you can share costs of planned activities. If you like your own company and have some travel savvy then going solo is for you.  Going solo gives you freedom of choice and total independence to change your travel plans on the spur of the moment if something interests you on the wayside. Things that you need to consider when planning your next solo African trip are the following. You will need the ability to navigate.  There are not many countries… Read more >


After packing up our overnight camp in Kasane we left Botswana through the Kazangula  border post (06:00- 18:00) to enter Zimbabwe.  Everything here was plain sailing – the gardens tidy, offices neat and even the official on duty greeting me unexpectedly in Afrikaans. Today we will be revisiting the Victoria Falls after nearly 20 years.  The mission of this?   To show the wonder of the Falls to some newby Africa travelers to marvel at one of God’s creations.  The first thing I noticed was the spray of the Falls forming the background of a rather quiet Victora Falls town.  The buzz of tourists wandering the streets lingering at sidewalk popup vendors are notably absent.   Instead “sale hunger” vendors follow your every step in the desperate hope to put something on their table tonight. We parked our vehicles in the shade of a tree at the Kingdom Hotel where the hotel… Read more >

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