It is official!

Travelbucket was awarded the title of Best Environmental Blog during the 2018 South African Blog Awards! A full list of all the winners and runners-up in all the categories is available here.

We are still stunned! We woke up one day, going about our business to save the planet one plastic piece at a time, when suddenly, we were hit by the big surprise of the announcement of the Category Winners and the Runners-up.

Not in our wildest dreams could we ever hope to achieve something like this. Blogging is not about winning, it’s about sharing and learning from others. Travelbucket is a true reflection of our everyday adventures as a family. A family who has a passion for nature and it’s wildlife. We appreciate the fauna and flora that we are blessed with.

Yes, we do set goals for ourselves. We do have Bucket Lists on our Travels. We do fall in the category of believers that we can change the world one plastic piece at time (hence our no straw policy). This is part of our lifestyle. Therefore it was an easy decision to make. Above all, we are all for change. Thus, getting out of our comfort zone and making a difference.

This award is a motivation to us to do some extra work. To keep inspiring others to want to make a difference. Through the sharing of our daily lives, we would like to change the mindset of even just one person, to live a greener lifestyle, to care a little more, to love nature!

Thank you:

In conclusion, we want to thank each and every one of our followers! Those who join us on our journeys and those who took the time to vote for us. It is us, as a team, that makes a difference to a cleaner, healthier world.

Other Results:

Congratulations also to Luchae Williams from My Spreadsheet Brain (a fellow Eastern Cape Blogger), for being runner-up in not one, but TWO of the categories! Keep going, next year you will be a winner, no doubt!

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