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Five days to Christmas! If you still have some outstanding gifts to buy and all the holiday makers, tinsel and Jingle Bells are freaking you out, so that you cannot think properly, I have some quick and easy travel gift ideas for you – and no you do not have to spent a fortune to impress someone.  Think about the person’s personality and his/her love of travel and voila you have many options to choose from!  I am leaving some of my thoughts for gift shopping …. For the friend that loves travel into remotes places where electricity is not always an option – how about a power bank to keep them connected to the world and social media? For the loved one (friend or family)  who is an adventurous coffee addict – Veer from the well-known coffee brands and try something from the African continent.  You will be surprised… Read more >


Learning about the tragic death of South African rally driver, Gugu Zulu, on Mt Kilimanjaro this week brought back some vivid memories of this majestic yet unpredictable mountain in Tanzania. My first glimpse of Kili was in 2007 when we were on an overland trip to Khartoum, Sudan. Arriving in Moshi well after dark and pitching our tent at Honey Badger camp, where we had some interesting experiences, I had no idea what was waiting for me in the morning when I wake up.  When unzipping the tent the totally unexpected view of Kilimanjaro took me totally by surprise!     Being born and bred in Africa I have always dreamt about seeing Kili.  All my life I had this picture of the mountain in my head and imagined what it would be like to see it for the first time, but never ever did I expect this.  And there… Read more >


To say the least – I was stunned by Ethiopia! The picture I had in my mind of Ethiopia was of famine ravished people as thin as sticks living off parched land.  Sooooo wrong – well at least the parts of the country that I have visited. This was the first of the East African countries that we have entered into per vehicle on our trans African trip that drives on the right-hand side of the road.  This immediately says that there is a whole lot more surprises waiting for you.  When we entered at Moyale on the Ethiopia/Kenya border you immediately notice all the changes in yet a new country.  Suddenly you cannot read the sign boards next to the road as it is in Ahrmeric (only spoken in Ethiopia,) the Samburu women carrying barrels of water in a unique style on their backs with different looking cattle grazing… Read more >

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