Five days to Christmas!

If you still have some outstanding gifts to buy and all the holiday makers, tinsel and Jingle Bells are freaking you out, so that you cannot think properly, I have some quick and easy travel gift ideas for you – and no you do not have to spent a fortune to impress someone.  Think about the person’s personality and his/her love of travel and voila you have many options to choose from!  I am leaving some of my thoughts for gift shopping ….

  • For the friend that loves travel into remotes places where electricity is not always an option – how about a power bank to keep them connected to the world and social media?
  • For the loved one (friend or family)  who is an adventurous coffee addict – Veer from the well-known coffee brands and try something from the African continent.  You will be surprised on what is on offer and does not have to cost a fortune.  Shop around, you will find something interesting.
  • An international travel plug for that wish list destination in 2019! That couple of bucks that they save can buy a cup of coffee at the destination.   When they enjoy the cuppa you will definitely be remembered.
  • Create a music play list or some something inspirational for your travel buddy when he/she has to wait in a queue to buy admission tickets to a popular attraction or buy the tickets online for them!  You can even buy a train ticket or a day pass on public transport for the city that they are going to visit.
  • A good pair of socks (a big plus point for me as I am prone to suffer from blisters on a trip!).
  • Search for a favourite preloved book to read in many of the book exchanges or buy an e-book online. (Usually I walk out at the book exchange with a book for myself too …)
  • You will surely be remembered if you gift wrap some favourite food nibbles to enjoy at sunset whilst admiring the view over the Victoria Falls, Kariba Dam, Serengeti, at the pyramids in Egypt or Kilimanjaro.
  • A re-usable cup (with a lid) for all those coffee take aways.
  • A multi-purpose bandanna – the uses are endless!
  • A small hip flask for the hype of the season — craft gin.
  • A small pocket knife or a multi tool to eat the biltong and cut the cheese when on a trip.
  • And if you really feel generous buy your buddy a tank of fuel to discover some unknown places and make a wish come true.

I can add a lot more to the list.  So, eat your heart out and think out of the box this CHRISTmas!  Let us keep the commercial side out of Christmas and remember what CHRISTmas is really about – celebrating a special birthday and spreading love amongst all.  If you do wish someone a “Merry Christmas” this year let it speak from your heart.


Christmas is the spirit of giving, without the thought of getting — Thomas S Monson


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