Hi there! My name is Felicity – I am mostly the writer on the blog, but am by no means a professional reporter or writer, but rather write to the rhythm of my heart. Sometimes my travel buddy feels creative and write some of her experiences.
I’m also the mother of an adventurous and daring daughter, Inge. She has a soft smile and spirited heart and try her best to manage the IT problems that I cause. This is our family’s blog where we share some of our experiences, thoughts, photos and travels from around the globe and hopefully inspire someone else to go out and explore more.
Our house is shared with  a sweet Jack Russel with the name of Pilot nicknamed Hoofseun (in English that will translate to Head Boy) to keep me company.  Why Hoofseun?   Because he is such an obedient little boy that  does everything when asked nicely.
Our newest addition to the household is a boisterous Bull Terrier, named Fiela ,which keeps me on my toes as I have to  rescue my garden  plants, and many other interesting things, (that I did not even know was hidden in the garden) from her.
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