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St Francis Xavier, Melacca, Malaysia

St. Francis Xavier Church in Melacca, Malaysia was built in 1856, in honour of St. Francis Xavier, a prominent 16th-century Catholic missionary.  The church was believed to be modelled after the Cathedral of St. Peter in Southern France, Montpellier, which followed closely the older church’s original construction, except for a portico which was later added in 1963.   To date St Francis Xavier Church still serves its function as a Catholic church, with regular mass services.


Sacred Heart, Catheddral, Freeetown, Sierra Leone

Located in Howe Street, Freetown, work on its construction began in November 1884 and was dedicated on October 27, 1887.


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Dutch Reform Church, Prince Albert

The Dutch Reformed Church in Prince Albert was built circa 1865 and  was declared a national monument on 15 July 1983 and takes the shape of a Greek cross.


Dutch Reform Church, Graaf Reinette

The Dutch Reformed Church in Graaff Reinet.    Constructed between April 1886 and consecrated in 1887, the church is loosely modeled on Salisbury Cathedral in England.  It must have been irritating to the townspeople when the nearby town of Aberdeen finished a church with a taller steeple!  They say this Dutch Reformed Church is the only known church in South Africa and possibly in the world to have a kitchen and a chimney.


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