by Inge Triegaardt

We have planned, packed and repacked our trips and vehicles hundreds of times on our journeys before. Like we plan on how and where we would refuel and fill the jerrycans with the necessary fuel to keep our vehicles going, we have done the same with our water.

When traveling in deep dark Africa, or even just in a remote location in our own country, it cannot be stressed enough that you should have a decent supply of water. When taking an over landing trip, we will typically have about 50L of water with us at any given time. When doing a day trip or going for a hike, we would mostly take about 5L of water at least.

We do not need to go into details of how water can be lifesaving and how being stuck in the wilderness without any human contact, could be life-threatening if you do not have enough water to stay hydrated. We have all heard this countless times.

Packing water can take on different forms. For our shower and drinking water, we use a water tank on the roof rack, a jerrycan or sometimes a plastic jerrycan. This water would be used to wash our hands, shower and drink water. Right, so you are sorted when it comes to carrying bulk water supplies, but what about those hot days in the African sun, when you’ve been out exploring to such an extent that you feel a throbbing headache developing because of hydration. Maybe you have been postponing to buy yet another cold Coke from the next shop that you would pass by, as you know there’s nothing better than an ice cold bottle of Coca-Cola on a road-trip, but the next shop isn’t popping up soon and your thirst is becoming unbearable?

Would an ice cold can of water be sufficient to quench your dry mouth? Yes, you are not hallucinating, I did say a CAN of water. You know, it’s like a can of Coke, just SO much better! We too, do not trust just any water supply in Africa for reasons such as illness causing bilharzia or cholera or the fact that you have no idea what the source is. This is given that you can find fresh water at all.

We have found the perfect solution in AquaV water. Please allow us a paragraph or two to share with you our experience in using their canned water, a perfect match for an environmental greenie like ourselves. Not only is AquaV working on reducing their footprint in rather bottling water in returnable glass bottles since 2011, but they have recently being bottling water in aluminum cans. Yes, that’s right, we have tried and tested these cans and can say that it is a welcoming addition to any trip, short or long.

We are trying to work on our own footprint and when we were introduced to the AquaV cans, we knew that it is the perfect way to take a step closer in helping the planet breath again. The cans are made from aluminum, which is the most recycled material on earth and it as an indefinite lifespan on top of that. Yes, the aluminum is a bit soft, so you should be careful not to pierce the can accidentally, but the reward is absolutely bliss when you open your fridge and you take out an ice cold can of………..water!

The cans comes in 330ml Still and Sparkling mineral water and although there is a plastic label on the can, it makes up less than 1% of plastic, thus becoming irrelevant in the smelting process when the can is recycled. In fact, the plastic can add energy to the smelting process instead. The days of leakage from plastic bottle tops and the taste of plastic from a bottle of water is past. There is a food lacquer inside the cans, ensuring the exact pure taste.

We are not looking back, we have found the solution to our small water problems. We no longer pack a fridge, backpack or cooler bag without a couple of cans. They are lightweight and easy to crush to take-up minimum space when throwing them away. We can now camp in style and have sparkling water with us for that well deserved whiskey at the end of the day. We can now imagine ourselves cracking open a can along the Zambezi River with AquaV.

No more plastic lying around, floating in the water. No more driving from one shop to the next in search of fresh water. No more hot, bad tasting un-sparkly sparkling water. You have the solution right in front of you. We are so happy that we could share our findings with you. When we find a product that works, we like to shout it out for the whole world to hear!

We are looking forward to seeing the lids for the cans soon, and who knows, maybe a smaller 250/300ml mixer can…….

Do not be caught without your water, no matter in what form. It truly is the lifeline to health, being alive, functioning and being clean. Water can make or break an over landing trip, be aware!

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  1. Chantelle Venter

    I love Aqua V Water, and the fact that their product comes in a recyclable packaging makes it so much better. We definitely have too much plastic in our lives.

    1. TravelBucket (Post author)

      Totally agree, Chantelle, just too much plastic.


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