by Inge Triegaardt

Global warming is a real thing, it’s happening!  Right now!  This was my realization when I recently came across FifFis.  I’ve always known about global warming (I mean we have learned all about it when we were at school) and I know that we should all strive to reduce our carbon footprint to not contribute to global warming.  Recently everyone was bombarded with the “NO plastic is fantastic” campaigns and everywhere you turn you see people using alternatives to the single-use plastic items.

This is all good.  We are still working on changing our lifestyle to a greener more environmentally friendly lifestyle (we hope you are trying too), but it is difficult at times.  You need to buy new/different and sometimes more expensive products and in today’s economic situation in South Africa, it’s not always possible. 

Great was my excitement when I was introduced to FifFis!  It was at the Villa Tuscana by Mantis that I realized that 1/3 of food are wasted in the whole world.  That means that 1 out of every three apples that you buy, will not be eaten.  Not only does the food land up in Landfills, but all the water, energy, money and labour that went into producing your produce, is wasted.  When the wasted food ends up in landfills, it contributes to the rising temperature of our planet as it releases Greenhouse Gasses into the atmosphere.  It is a shocking realization and something that Romy Foods® have found a solution for.

I bet you are now thinking that we should probably eat more as to not waste food (well that was my first thought anyway), but it is nothing like that.  You also do not need to give the food that will go to waste to less fortunate people.

No.  Rickard Gillblad, CEO of Romy Food Corporation and Kenneth Wahlberg, Managing Director of Romy Foods South Africa has come up with a simple solution that has recently launched here in Port Elizabeth, South Africa where you do not have to change any eating habits or buy more expensive produce.  A new range of ready-meals has now launched in Africa after successfully being introduced in Europe and Australia.  These ready-made meals are using Torus Pak® technology to serve restaurant quality meals created and plated by top chefs, to your table.  Believe me when I say that you will feel as if you are dining at a top hotel, when you enjoy any of the FifFis meals.  Not only does the meals look great, but they taste divine and best of all, they will make you look good when you plate them to your guests.

Penne with cream basil

These ready meals can be frozen and then plated upon request, making it easy for restaurants and hospitals to reduce their food waste by not preparing food that will not be consumed.  We as travellers are super excited about this new concept as we often spend some time at guesthouses, lodges and hotels in Africa where it is hard to find fresh, well-prepared food.  We would love to receive a plate of FifFis designed food where we will know that the produce is fresh, it was sustainably sourced, it has the necessary nutrition to keep us going and to top it all, it is beautifully presented.

So by now you are wondering how you will be making a difference if you are not wasting any food that you used to give to the less fortunate.  Well, look no further!  Romy Food Corporation is giving children in Africa a meal a day to provide the necessary nutrition for them to go to school.  The Meal-for-a-Meal Programme provides one meal for children in Uganda, for every meal that FifFis sell.  How cool is that!

Malnutrition is one of the biggest problems on the African continent and if you decide to waste less food by supporting FifFis, you are guaranteed to make a difference in a child’s life!

So join us in making that decision.  Join us and Romy Foods in minimalizing your food waste by changing your meal plans to the FifFis ready-meals.  Let us reduce our footprint by eating more clever.  We will definitely take some ready-meals with us on our next trip and so should you!

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