by Inge Triegaardt

When referring to a romantic getaway, one often thinks of candle light dinners in lodges with white linen, sparkling wine flowing in abundance, soft music, rose petals and some beautiful words spoken over a four course meal while looking deep into someone’s eyes and whispering sweet nothings into the depth of night. 

We focus on destinations where natural romantic settings is available all year round.  Although we would love to have romantic getaways as the ones described above, being in our favourite places along the Garden Route on a regular basis, we keep in touch with our romantic side as often as we can.

Our first stop is usually a place called Kaaimansgat.  It is one of the most photogenic places along this beautiful route stretching from Mossel Bay to Storms River.  The Kaaimansgat Restaurant, set amongst some big trees at the water’s edge, is a perfect way to celebrate some love.  With a menu that is catered for everyone, you will not be disappointed.  After filling your tummy, a stroll along the pristine Kaaimans beach is a must do.  With the majestic Kaaimans Railway Bridge towering high above, one often gets lost in the awe-inspiring solitude that this small beach has to offer. 

Moving further down the Garden Route, closer to Knysna, be sure to feel your heart beat a little faster as you approach the untouched, remote Knysna Forest.  Be warned, it is here that you will fall in love.  Fall in love with the forest, the trees, the critters and maybe even the love of your life.  The abundance of picnic spots and hiking trails, places to hide away and have some privacy is the perfect destination for a romantic date.  It is here in the unspoiled beauty that you can be at your best.  A simple budget-friendly date with a picnic blanket, the sound of birds bringing music to your ears and the water running through the picnic site, just makes for the perfect opportunity to ask the question you have been waiting for.

For the more adventurous couple, why not book yourself in at one of the many accommodation options in the small village of Storms River.  This quaint little village is a hidden off-the-radar gem where you can escape from the busy commercial life outside.  It is the perfect spot to rekindle the love with your significant other.  What better way to start off your stay than with a meal at the place of the King and Queen of Love.  A diner that features Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley in true American style serves the most delicious sweet treats.  On to more adventurous activities, Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours offers the perfect opportunity to test your love as the two of you swoops through the treetops on a zipline from platform to platform, flying into each other’s arms. 

Just around the corner from Storms River Village is one of South Africa’s most sought after National Parks, Tsitsikamma National Park.  Here you will be able to find a romantic spot wherever you turn.  Share your love with each other as you look out over the crashing waves, with dolphins passing by playfully.  Wander through some indigenous forest before crossing over a swing bridge where the river meets the ocean.  Lock your love onto the bridge and capture your memories while you hold each other, just being in the moment.  Stay the night in one of the many accommodation option, just to wake up the next morning with the sun over the ocean, the sea breeze fresh and clean on a crisp morning and the wildlife paying you a visit while you share the most romantic moment with the love of your life.

All these options mentioned above, is still deserving of the red roses, sparkling wine, white linen and fine dining experience.  The setting is just an added bonus and makes it that much more special.  Why not go all out and take all the help you can get? 

Does this sound like the perfect few days?  We invite you to do your FLIGHT BOOKING now and join us in the Garden Route to make the next trip your most romantic one to date.  It really is as simple as that.  It is the small things in life that counts. 


*Sponsored – written for Travelstart*

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