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This year we have decided to live our motto that “Small things matter”. During our extensive travels in Africa and closer to home, South Africa, we have seen many scenes that makes you stop and say a little prayer saying thank you for what we have back home!

Since the beginnings of our travels, when I was still a child, growing through my teenage years, as a young adult and even now, I’ve always had toys in the car to keep me busy. The only difference was that the toys became more and more expensive the older I got, because I was privileged like that.

When you travel through different sections of the continent you very quickly realize just how fortunate you are and that the fluffy toy you wanted to buy from a National park’s curio shop, was in actual fact not necessary. You thoughts then takes you back to the children playing soccer with elephant dung in the village that you have past 100km ago. You think about the happy children who was having a boat races with their makeshift boats out of little leaves and bamboo sticks while you were sitting on the deck of a lodge, sipping on that sundowner drink. Or what about the girls walking around with their “dolls” made our of bark that you saw having a tea party and talking among themselves next to the road.
These scenes are real. These are the signs of the more than 3+ million orphaned children in South Africa who do not know what it feels to have modern toys. They are boys who have never played with little cars and girls who have never gone to sleep with a doll in their arms.

Whether these are scenes you are familiar with or scenes that you cannot imagine yourself seeing or even worse, being in, then why not join Cadbury in making a difference.  Cadbury has launched the Little Generosity Shop initiative, collecting pre-loved toys, games and books.  Things that are lying around your house that you should’ve get rid of when you were doing your new year’s resolutions!

Well, it’s not too late!!  On the 15th and 16th of June, @Cadury_SA will be at Baywest Mall in Port Elizabeth for the WHOLE DAY!  What’s even better is that they will be giving back when you give them something!  Oh yesss, who doesn’t like freebies right?!  They will give you Cadbury slabs in exchange for stuff lying around the house!  How cool is that!

So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Clean your house and gather all your unwanted goods
  2. Head to Baywest Mall in Port Elizabeth and find the Little Generosity Shop
  3. Drop off your goodies and collect your chocolates!

It really is as simple as that!

Let’s give the millions of orphaned children a reason to smile and maybe experience just a little bit of the happiness we had when we used the toy, book or game!

Let’s be generous!  Let’s care!  Let’s share! Let’s make a difference, no matter how small!

To find out more on how to share your generosity, visit

You can follow Cadbury on Facebook @CadburyDairyMilkSA and on Twitter and Instagram @Cadbury_SA

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