One of the things that you will always find in any of our vehicles, is a travel mug.  We have learned over the years to carry them with us wherever we go. We have tried and tested so many different shapes and sizes, makes and models, but we finally found the one! And we simply had to share it with you.

Being environmentally conscious, we are constantly aware of the products used in the production of the travel mug and even though the now very popular bamboo cups are better than the styrofoam cups, they too have some bad elements that keep them together such as formaldehyde and melamine, which ends up in your hot drink after a couple of uses.  Therefore, we decided to make use of a silicone cup.  We believe in it so much, that we decided to stock it in our online store.

The silicone cup is a durable, foldable, BPA-free mug made from food-grade silicone.  We love this cup so much that we use it at home as well as on our trips in the wild.  Compared to other mugs that we have used before this cup can take extreme temperatures and keep its shape when the fluids inside is frozen.  The other perk is that it comes with a screw-on lid where the ceramic cup’s lid only presses down and the tin cup has no lid at all.  This mean that spillage in the vehicle is eliminated.

While the designs on the ceramic cups are hip and cool, the dove-grey colour of the silicone cup is neutral and can fit into any colour scheme of current crockery.  Because of the light colour, the cup shows dirt quite easily and the silicone does attract a bit of dust, but it can be wiped off with a damp cloth and cleaned effortlessly.  Just like a normal tin cup or ceramic coffee mug, the silicone cup is dishwasher safe.  It can also withstand temperatures up to 190 degrees Celsius.

When it comes to packing space, we always look at the items that will take up less space, so that we can fit in more.  That is just how we do things, because less is not always more, right?  We’ve started using the old tin cups, but they are always so noisy, especially on a dirt road.  They were always packed with some bubble wrap, foam or a cloth wrapped around them.  This didn’t change when we switched over to ceramic mug.   We even had more to worry about as they could also break.  With the silicone cup that is foldable, it takes up minimal space and can even clip onto the outside of your backpack when you hiking bag is full.  No excuse to leave that precious coffee mug behind.

A tin cup used to burn my hands so much that I would get blisters while enjoying my morning coffee.  While the ceramic cups have better insolation, some still retains the heat and you will soon find yourself looking for a place to put down your coffee while waiting for it to cool down.  The silicone cup does have one disadvantage though, it comes in two parts.  One part is the foldable, durable silicone cup and the other is the plastic ring that wraps around the mug to prevent your hands from burning when holding the cup.  The design, however, has been thought through and the ring fits perfectly into the folded mug’s bottom for storage. 

  Tin Cup Ceramic cup Silicone Cup
Size 350ml 250ml 350ml
Lid No lid Silicone press-on lid Screw-on lid
Look Old-fashioned Funky Adventurous
Durability Dent & Chip Breakable Non-breakable
Ease to pack Clumsy & NoiSY Careful packing Foldable & carry-on

All-in-all, the silicone travel mug is an upgrade from the conventional cups (of which we have mentioned only two in this article) and with it being lead-free, glue-free, and BPA-free, it fit right into our lifestyle of going green.

If you would like to get your hands on one of these, head on over to our online store and place your order before your next hiking trip.  Some places even offer a discount when you use your eco-cup.  It just goes to show that it is indeed an everyday, lifestyle coffee cup.

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