Self-drive travellers have different camping options, because nowadays there are so many gadgets and equipment available in the outdoor shops that it is sometimes hard to choose the right one.   One can easily get entrapped in all the available stuff so my advice will be take your time to think things over and make a proper list of what your habits are and what you like and dislike in the department of convenience.  It is the privilege of every camper to set up camp as he likes it – no rules apply – however there are some basics that needs consideration.

According to me some of the must haves will include the following items

Setting up camp

  • A tent with built-in ground sheet and mosquito netted windows
  • Hammer for those tent pegs
  • Stretcher or inflatable/foam mattress
  • Bedding (i.e. sleeping bag or duvet and pillow)
  • Folding table and chairs
  • Dustpan and brush

Preparing food and cooking

  • Braai equipment like a grid and triangle to place on the fire
  • A cast iron black pot and kettle to use over the fire
  • A gas cylinder and cooker head
  • Tinfoil comes in handy to cook dishes over an open fire
  • Some Ziploc bags/container to store leftover food in

Some external hardware to make life easy

  • 220 V electrical cord as all the camping spots are not equipped with electricity
  • External storage device to store all those pictures on
  • A universal plug
  • Battery chargers
  • Inverter (optional for us)
  • A Swiss army knife or Leatherman

Our camping list is much more comprehensive than the above as we have tailor made it to our requirements and have figured out over the years of off-road travelling what works well for us and what are items that we have never or seldom used. 

Planning is an important part of your trip and if not planned correctly it can easily turn an overlanding expedition into a horrible experience or a pleasurable trip. 

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