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Some of you have read at least one of our articles and for some of you this may be the first one. Whether you are an avid follower of Travelbucket or a fly-by reader, I’m sure some have wondered how we actually do this whole thing they call TRAVEL. So here is our take on Family Travel.

The Travelbucket Team is a team of three members. Dad (Carl) is the brains behind the trips. He is the gadget guy. The one responsible for the vehicle and all camping equipment. What he says, goes. After all, he IS the expert on tried and tested products. He is also the driver, instructor and brains behind the planning of all trips. Mom (Felicity) and owner of Travelbucket Blog is the typical mother hen. She has the responsibility of keeping our tummies full and keeping us hydrated. She is our walking, offline Google on our trips. Her job is to make the long, straight roads interesting, kind of like an entertainer. She has SO much knowledge on the places we visit and will sometimes also add her two cents worth to the planning of the trip. She is also the one documenting and capturing our adventures. And then there’s me (Inge), the only daughter of the BEST parents in the world! I have been traveling since I can remember. I am the one in the backseat. The chatterbox. The one asking questions. I am the student (in many ways) and I am also the one who lurk in the shadows, the reader, the memories maker, the co-writer and the IT support of the team/family.

Now that the introduction is done, I can hit the road and tell you all about what it is like to travel as a family. In short, it is THE most amazing experience you will ever have! Let’s get into the details.
You might be sitting there, reading these paragraphs and think…..”yeah right, traveling with my family, NOT A CHANCE!” You might think it’s not cool enough. That the “old” people will dampen the whole spirit of your thrill seeking adventure. That you would much rather head out on a road trip with your besties with music blaring from your speakers, not having a worry in the world where you will be sleeping tonight or where your next meal will come from. After all, your parents told you not to talk to strangers and that is EXACTLY what you are planning to do! I’m telling you to stop for a moment and think again. Yes, your friends are probably the coolest people around. Yes, you are all grown-up and independent and the world is your oyster, but have you ever thought about sharing a moment with the people who put up with you for 20+ years. People who did not have the opportunity to travel like you do now, because they had to raise a child and see to your education, so that YOU can have what they never could!
I was lucky enough that my parents decided to rather give me memories and make me streetwise than to give me material things. Since I can remember I was taken with to National Parks, small towns and on long roads to nowhere in the back of a Land Rover. I had the most comfortable spot where I had my bed made and I could listen to my own music, read my book and just every now and again check in to let them know I am still alive. That is where the seed was planted and today I have restless body syndrome and I am always planning my next trip, whether it be solo, with friends or with family.

Traveling with family can be SO much fun. For hours you are confined to a small space where your thoughts can travel far, but your words and feelings are shared with only those in the 5 seats beside you. You can have questions answered, things you have always wondered about. You share knowledge of what you have read in articles, journals and social media during the time leading up to the trip. You play old-fashioned games like “I-spy-with-my-little-eye”. You reminisce about the times when you were little or share memories of moments gone by. This is also the time that you share the happenings in your everyday life, seeing that you do live separate lives now. You learn from each other.

Taking a trip as a family is COOL. It’s a way to capture moments, make memories and say thank you. Just being with each other and sharing different worlds brings worth so much appreciation. I’m talking about any trip. This might be a road trip to the next town, a day-outing to the closest National Park, a weekend away to a small town or a few weeks away to a different country. It doesn’t matter how long or short, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Family travel can be challenging, but if you put aside your differences and let everyone have their place in the sun, you will soon be learning from your mom about the facts of your next destination. Or you might be given advice from dad about the latest invention on the market that will make your life easier. In the same way, you might be their lifesaver when you help them with their camera settings or the shortcuts on their phones. No more blurry photos. No more finger trouble.  This is the time where different worlds come together. This is the moments you will be looking back on. These are the moments you will tell your children about. This is where different worlds come together.

This is family travel! Do it NOW! Don’t wait, it might be too late.

The next adventure awaits you, share it with the people you care about. The people who you take for granted. Take that chance. Get your crew together. Use each other’s strengths, divide the tasks and make the load even. The beautifully painted sunsets are yours to capture. The wide open plains with its yellow grasslands and the green mountains with their snow-capped mountain tops are waiting for you to explore. Head over to the next small town/village to discover a new culture or learn some of the history you have always shied away from in school. Make it fun. Make memories.

Watch out for my next article where I will share some of our personal experiences and trip tips. If I have not convinced you that family travel is the way to go, the next article will blow your mind and you will phone up your bloodline in a jiffy! Part 2 is coming……

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  1. Wanda de Vries

    Words to touch my heart…. you are an amazing young woman, Inge.


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