Travelling can be nerve wrecking, but I am sharing some tips that works for me to make life easier when travelling.

  • Research the airline before you book your flight. I find “Seat Guru’ handy to have a look at the layout of the plane to decide what seat to choose.  I hate sitting in the row directly in front of the toilets.  There is a constant flow of passengers to and from it and I never fall asleep on a night flight. 
  • If you are prone to always being cold, book an isle seat. Normally the general cold air circulations is along the window seats. 

  • Spend money on quality luggage. You will not regret it. Just have a look at how they handle the suitcases when they unload and you will understand.  You do not want to be the one with the suitcase with the broken zip or detached wheels.  Small things can turn your trip into a nightmare. 
  • When you have packed your bag, weigh them before you leave for the airport. This will spare you the embarrassment to open your suitcase in view of everyone and to decide what to leave behind.    It is especially important if you plan to have a drop and go lift. 
  • Print your boarding passes at home – it is less stressful. It is better to arrive prepared at check in.   I know these days it is not important anymore as you will probably get it on your smart phone, but it gives me great reassurance.
  • Put your ticket, boarding pass and passport in an easy to reach, but secure, pocket so not to fumble for it when you have to check in or if there is a disagreement on your booked seat in the aircraft.

  • Do not drop off your bags too early. The first one in is also the last one out when unloading on the other end.
  • Identify an “airport outfit”. For me it is easy slip-on shoes, comfortable pants (you will be sitting for long hours in the aeroplane, no metallic jewellery, a belt with a plastic buckle, etc).  The less you have to take off at security, the less chances there are for getting things lost in the process and slowing down the line behind you.  I never wear a skirt/dress – what if you have to get patted down?  Wearing pants avoid embarrassing situations.
  • Set your phone alarm for boarding time. When browsing around  in duty free it is easy to get distracted and lose track of time while browsing. 

  • Sanitize your seat tray. There is no time between flights to wash every single one.  Use your “wet wipe” for cleaning the tray after you used it for your hands.  Remember mommies change their babies diapers on it too and people with infections sneeze over it ….

I hope these hacks make your life easier when arriving at the airport and on your next flight .  Most of all, remember the trip starts at home already – relax and enjoy travelling!

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