I am quite sure everyone can do with some extra cash when on holiday for the simple reason that you can experience more at your destination and take more memories home to feed the soul until the next trip.   The key issue for me is that saving starts the moment you start planning your trip while still at home.

  1.  Setting up a budget

For me this is the number one in the planning process.   This normally determines where I can go in the world, what to do, what to see, etcetera. For me as a South African certain countries are just too expensive to visit due to the FX rates and travel times, visas, etcetera.  Setting the budget eliminates those countries immediately, although it is on my wish list and I religiously check them out every single time in the hope that something changed from the previous planning session.

2.  Sign up for e-mails

I know singing up for e-mails can be annoying, but by doing this you are notified of limited seat offers on specific days, flash sales and the likes.   This really can save you a couple of bucks if you can fit your plans to that.  Just think what  you can do with that extra money on your trip ….

3.  Join rewards programs

In joining your favourite airline’s rewards program you can earn travel miles every time that you fly with them.  By accumulating miles every time you fly you can save on your next trip by using the miles when booking a ticket.  In the past this has bought me a ticket or two already.

4.  Be flexible

During all our travel planning and scouting for some bargains on airfare I  found that midweek fares are normally much cheaper than Friday and Sunday flights.  This obviously only comes in handy when you are flexible with your travel dates, but what you can save on airfare you can add onto your spending money – think about that.

  1. Check multiple sites

Make sure you search multiple sites to get the best travel deals on accommodation.  I normally scout on, but routinely check out AirBnB and Tripadvisor to get some real comments from travellers.

  1. Plan your activities

Remember that in some parts of the world museums and tourist attractions close totally or have limited access hours during winter or the rainy season.  Sometimes discounted entrance fees are applicable in the non-tourist season and for a late afternoon entry.  Determine what you want to see and how you are going to spend your time abroad in the planning stages already.

  1. Pack light

Staying within the weight restrictions means you do not have to pay for excess charges.  It is anyway easier to move on public transport if you limit your luggage that you can carry yourself.

  1. Stay for free

There are various organizations/websites which you can peruse for alternative methods of accommodation if you do not mind being social and sharing accommodation.  This is however not for me, but it works well.  Have a look at Couch Surfing and WWOOF’s websites to investigate the possibilities.

  1. Share costs

On Facebook you will find various groups to join where you can ask/request to share a ride and costs in a specific area to some tourist attractions and destinations.  You need to have a social and likeable demeanour to use this method of transport as not to spoil your travel companions’ holiday.  Check out the possibilities.

  1. Eat local

Do not dine out every night or for example buy McDonalds when you are in Vietnam.   Buy some local street food or prepare it yourself where possible.  For me this is part of the total holiday experience to visit the local market or supermarket to find some local food.  Unless you have money to burn, dine out every night.  In Zanzibar we went local and found some interesting dishes on a well-read menu!

Oh, how I love it when the planning comes together!   🙂

Travel is the only thing that you can spend money on that will make you richer

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