This is one place you cannot avoid on a camping trip.  When you have to go you have to go, but it can be a pleasant or a horrific experience.

We came up with a routine that works for us when we are camping, but yet again this is something that you more or less have to work out what is your family’s needs.

We choose not to pitch our tent to close to the ablution blocks for mainly two reasons:  there is a constant foot traffic to and from the ablution block past your camp and well, unintentionally so, there emanates a bit of a smell from time to time.  These are things that bother us, but other families may have other needs for the choice of pitch. 

Off to the bathroom then. 

Over time I have come up with a plan to avoid dirty surfaces on my bathroom expeditions.  First off to PEP stores to get some cheap slipslops for the shower.  Do not bother to break the bank on this item as you need to replace them from time to time.  This is soley in an attempt to evade any foot fungus which may lurk in damp corners and which is also a bit tricky to get rid of once you have contracted it. 

Step two is to take a bag that you can hang on a hook in the shower cubicle to hold all your girly things that you need.  I have one with different sized pockets to hold a variety of items.  It seems to me that there is never a dry space to put down my things …… I really don’t know who design these cubicles!

The third and oddest item that I sometimes take to the bathroom is a chair.  Why on earth?  😉  At the community campsites in the remote parts of Caprivi and Botswana there is normally just a basin slapped against a wall to do your thing.  I simply put my chair next to the basin to hold my towel, toiletry bag and clothing, as there is normally no hooks, while brushing my teeth.

And my last “secret weapon” is a square black rubber mat with holes in it like those that you use in the garage.  They work perfectly when getting out of the shower and to avoid stepping on those bathroom carpets/floors where unknown fungi hide. You see, the thing is, dirty surfaces in a bathroom just freaks me out!  I do not like it.

Now considering my above utensils, I am quite sure that I strike a funny figure (and understand the puzzled looks) when going on my bathroom trip armed with my four items, but this is the long and short of how I cope with the challenges.

Leave your secrets in the comments section to create more happy lady campers.

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