A new year with new challenges and new projects on the cards. 


I am a proud South African.  Why?  Take the quiz and see why we have such a unique country at the foot of the African continent.   

So get the brain juices (without Mr Google at your side!) flowing and going with this interesting quiz about South Africa.

  •  Name two of the four record breaking animals that you will find in South Africa? 
  • South Africa played host to various World Cups – rugby (1995), football (2010), cricket (2013).  Name the only other country in the world that can lay claim to this too
  • The Blyde River Canyon is the third largest canyon in the world and the only green canyon in South Africa.  Which scenic route do you need to drive to see it?
  • Can you name the country that is landlocked by South Africa?
  • Located in  KwaZulu Natal is the second highest waterfall in the world.  Can you  name it?
  • South Africa is a vast country. How many times bigger is South African than Japan?
  • The first heart transplant was done by the now famous Dr Chris Barnard.  Can you still   remember the name of the hospital where it all took place?
  • The icon Table Mountain is famous for its endemic plant species.   It has more plant species than which four countries combined? 
  • The Santa Barbara fault line in America is the biggest and most famous fault line in the world,   but South Africa, like Botswana, has its own fault line, albeit on a smaller scale.  Can you name it?
  • The world’s largest diamond (3 carat) was found on 28 January 1905 near the town of   Hopetown.    Part of it can be found in an object belonging to the Queen of England.  Name the object.

I hope that this was fun and piqued your interesting to want to visit sunny South Africa soon and gave you the inspiration to travel to the African continent for a visit to South Africa. 

There is a Swahili proverb that says:  “Travelling is learning.”



Giraffe (tallest) – Largest (elephant) – fastest (cheetah) – Largest bird (ostrich)


The Panorama route in Mpumalanga


948 meter 


Grootte Schuur Hospital, Cape Town

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Milnerton fault line.  The last time it showed activity was in 1809 and registered 6.5 on the Richter Scale.

The Queen’s sceptre.

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