I have just finished reading the book Scent of Fear and what a captivating story it is.  It is all about the passion of protecting and preserving the wildlife of Africa.

Although being an Aussie Tony Park writes about what is close to his heart – Africa and its every day realities.  Let’s be honest there is only one African continent.   If you were not born on this continent, then you will probably not understand the passion that we harbor for this conflicting continent where nothing can surprise you.

Scent of Fear is a gripping read that centres around the use of specially trained dogs and their handlers of the anti-poaching unit to hunt down poachers in the Lowveld of South Africa and gives a true insight into what extent poachers will go to, to reach their goals.  The author definitely researched his facts well and managed to weave it into the story line without boring the reader.

Filled with plenty of action and credible characters it is a real page turner and I finished it within a week. For me that is an accomplishment as I am mostly a weekend reader and have a day job to attend to. As always, do not think you can predict what is going to happen at the end as there is always a twist to the story line.   


Will I recommend it? 

Yes, definitely, because Tony Park never disappoints you.

Is it an ideal gift? 

Yes, for someone who loves wildlife and Africa.


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