Solo travelling may not be for everyone, unless you like your own company and enjoy everything by your own-some lone-some and do not want to consider anybody else.  If this describes you – go for it!

However, there are a few things that you need to get in place to make the trip, not only for yourself but also those that you left behind, easier and comforting.  Sticking to these five easy rules can make a huge difference to a solo trip experience.

Read on!

Rule 1:  Start off on a good foot or will that be a good tyre?  Before you spread your wings and leave home base, check your car’s tyre pressure.  This can easily make or break a trip.  It is also a good habit to form to check the overall conditions of your tyres on a regular basis.

Rule 2:  Keep hydrated,  especially during summertime.  Know where you are off to, the route and the driving times to your destination.   Go prepared.  You never know when you get bogged down along the route and what your waiting period will amount to.   Keep in mind that tap water is not a given to be safe anymore in South Africa.  No matter where we go, we always carry about 2 liters of water in our vehicle … and if you do not use it on the trip, hand it out to someone that is in need of water in the drought-stricken areas.

Rule 3:  Charge up.  Before leaving home-base make sure that all your gadgets are fully charged.  There is nothing more frustrating when you get let down in the middle of nowhere without the necessary power.  Also make sure that you have all the different cables to all the different gadgets to recharge enroute.  This can also be your lifeline to call someone when you are stranded somewhere.

Rule 4:  For your own safety and comfort check in regularly to a chosen person, especially if you  know that you are going to an area where there is no cell phone reception.  Yes, there are still remote areas in South Africa where you can go without cell phone reception.  This is a great comfort to those left behind to know that you are still safe and sound.

Rule 5:  Calculate your distance and make sure about fuel supply enroute as well as at your destination.  Know your vehicle’s fuel consumption ratios.  Do not be left stranded, because of a dry fuel pump or a miscalculation!

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