Sometimes I wonder if it is only me that spend a lot of time on the internet researching some new destination or is there some other travelers that also get caught up in this.   I hope that there is somebody out there that have the same symptoms and it is not only me …..

So, what are the symptoms of a sure travel addict?  I do not know, please help me with this one.

After pondering a while on this question I came up with the following as sure signs that you are a travel addict:

  • Maps and the globe are part of your life.  If you hear about a place and you are not sure where it is, you go and find out to satisfy your curiosity.
  • Google Earth is fascinating, and you easily get lost in that space.
  • You probably know how Tracks4Africa work as you use the tool to plan future excursions into remote places that has less tourists than usual.
  • “Into the wilds” means something totally different to you than for the average person.   
  • The iOverlander app is a place that you check out regularly to see what is new in the area of your next visit.
  • You check online flight booking sites to see where the bargains are, because just maybe there is a cheap flight to a destination that you have not visited which means that place will become your next destination.
  • You probably know more place names in far-away places than the average person sitting next to you.
  • Browsing travel blogs is more interesting than reading the depressing views of reporters on news pages.
  • You can calculate exchange rates in your head, because you follow the news just to hear the day’s exchange rate for USD or Euro and you also know what currency converter works best on your phone.

Have you visited any interesting places that you want to share with us?  Help us to keep on dreaming and leave a reply in the comments section.


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