Wallace is our newly acquired, but already loved 2003 Td5 Land Rover.  Not so young in years, but still going strong!

Since Wallace arrived in our family there was some minor changes to it.  First of all we had to change the number plates that it does not read “GP” anymore.  Second major thing that needed to be done was to fix the oil leak (of course!).  Then we started to fit some smaller things from our previous vehicles – an awning to one side for some protection against the harsh African sun and the unpredictable rain when we travel.  Wallace’s story starts under the post: The Life of a Landy Wife

First things first.  A list of “essentials” was drawn up versus a list of “nice to haves” as our budget is not unlimited at the moment.  Now everyone has a different “essentials” list and a different “nice to have list”.  Our lists at the moment look something like this, but it is constantly under reconstruction (as any good list should!):


  • Dual battery system to run the fridge and all other chargers and lights (an interesting plan and new project is coming up here!)
  • A spare wheel carry to preserve Wallace’s back door on those rutted gravel roads
  • Gas bottle holders as we do not like to carry the gas containers inside the car
  • Spot lights for night driving as Wallace only have candle issues, but with that comes a bulbar ……
  • Jerry can holders for the extra fuel load on a long trip, and
  • To get the heater system working – at the moment we have to wipe manually with an ever ready shammy!


  • Extra fuel and water tank to take the weight off the roof
  • Checkered plating on the front fenders
  • Mellville & Moon Seat Covers – who do not want a set of it?
  • A drawer system (never had that before in any pick-up we owned)
  • The list can be elaborate and detailed, but I will not bore you with all of it

But then unexpectedly the scales get tipped as some bargains pop up on Gumtree or on the Defender site on Facebook and the list needs to be adjusted one more time.  You see a Land Rover requires constant loving care and adaptations …………. more the reason why we love Wallace!

As they say watch this space as Wallace gets transformed and kitted over time to our perfect overlanding vehicle.  In the meantime we love Wallace just the way he is, including all the Landy niggles that it throws at us.

If you need some advice, please feel free to ask questions – I will gladly help!  And if you have some advice – please share!


Adventure is out there!

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