For a vehicle enthusiast, this is a must see when you visit Munich.  For us this was no different on our visit to the city as hubby appreciates this German brand.  Let me put it this way we spent the whole morning at the centre ……………

What did I do the whole time?  Well, I had to amuse myself as hubby was in no hurry to get this over and done with quickly.  My interest was more in the Olympic Park next door to the complex where Mark Spitz set several world records in the swimming events – that is a topic for another day.

So here we go.  First up was the motorcycle category with some of the famous models displayed on a glass wall – impressive, I thought!  With German precision every item was displayed, itemized and the history given.   I even spotted a yellow Daisy (equivalent to my  own GS650) and hubby’s soft spot, a R80 G/S, in the display.

We worked through the different sections such as different engines and how it evolved over the years., but of more interest to me was the James Bond section with all the original cars used in various scenes as I am not good at the engine stuff.

At the racing section, we spent quite a few hours as hubby is an avid F1 and touring cars follower and to kill time while hubby was taking his time, I tried to take pictures at every possible angle to amuse myself and get some interesting shots.  Hubby was not going to be intimidated with my restlessness; he took his time to study every minute detail on all the displayed items.

Even the famous Ndbele art BMW of Esther Mahlangu was on display and all  of a sudden there was a twitch at my heart – I was missing my much loved Africa big time in this perfect world.

Organized tours of the facility is also available for different age groups as the youngsters (14 -18 years) has different interests and questions than the more matured audience.   The tours also provide some facts and figures  on the interesting architecture and how it came into existence.  The youngsters also get an opportunity to sit in a sports car or get onto a motorcycle.  An extremely hands-on experience for the young enthusiast by far!

This venue was an item picked from hubby’s bucket list, but afterwards I was rewarded with a visit to the Olympic Park next door where the Games of 1973 was hosted and some famous records broken.



Opening hours:  Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 – 18:00

Cost:  Euro 10 gives you entry to the museum

Museum App:  Available in English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian and French

Location:  Olympic Park, Munich


All those cars were just a dream in someone’s head” —  Peter Gabriel

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