If you look on a map you will see that Botswana is dotted with many salt pans, but early morning on Deception pan is a magical place.  It is cold (if you visit during winter) and it is quiet.  It is time to reflect on life while you wait for the sun to show its face on the horizon, but soon you will be taking off your jersey and enjoy life under the Botswana sun.

First things first.  As always when you are in the bush you first need to scan your surroundings, while standing close to the vehicle, to see what is moving or not moving ….  You never know what lurks in the grass and is watching your from their hideout!

As the soft light of the rising sun turns the landscape of the pans into all sorts of beautiful colours it is time to take out the Stanley and make that first cup of coffee. Lately I have become somewhat of a coffee addict and recently obtained an aero press for our next trip.  Now I will have to stock up on some proper coffee for the press ………  anyone have  suggestions for some nice coffee brands, preferably local brands?    And while we are on the coffee topic – did you notice that I have added a Ko-fi button on my page so that you can share a virtual coffee with me?

Sorry, I got side-tracked again.  Back to the pans!  It is hard to imagine that during the rainy season you can get bogged down in the black cotton soil for days if you do not know what you are doing.  Beware, be very aware of getting stuck, but do not forget to enjoy the solitude!

Always follow a few simple rules when out and about in the wild:   keep an eye on wild animals and stick to existing tracks to ensure that our fellow travellers and explores have the same experience than you had.  These areas surrounding the pans are very sensitive.  Make memories, but only leave your footprint.

This is a place of solitude, reflection and a different kind of beauty!

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