We have been to the Vleesbaai 4×4 route many, many times in the past, but each and every time that we go it is something special as the dunes constantly shift and change its look with the seasons. 

It is time for sun, sea and sand and happy holidays again.  Vleesbaai 4×4 route is the perfect destination for those windy and cloudy days when the weather does not want to play along for a beach visit.   

Early morning when you are first on the route you will encounter many fresh spoor ­– some very cat-like (I was thinking in the direction of a vaalbos kat), small antelope, mice and birds.  As they say the early bird catches the worm or is it spoor in this case? 

The interesting thing about this route is that it changes according to the time of day that you visit.  Early morning the sand can be firm and easy to drive, but during the day it can become a different play field altogether when the dunes heat up and the sand gets progressively softer as the day develops.  It also depends a lot on who drove before ……

If you are a first timer, listen to the advice – deflate your tyres – although it might seem ridiculously low to you – just do it.  I can guarantee you that it will make a huge  difference on your driving ability of the dunes.    And lastly, listen to some more sound advice (and warning) from Riekie.  Do not use alcohol when you are on the dunes as he will not hesitate to banish you.  Not only will you spoil your own day, but you will also spoil the day for other members in the group.

The highlight of the day is always the last obstacle, the “long dune”.  Most of the time on the route is spent here,  attempting and accomplishing the “long dune”.  And it is great fun. In general it takes more than one attempt to conquer this infamous obstacle.  This is also where the men reckon boys and men are separated from each other …   So, ladies let men play as they will always be boys in their hearts and their toys are their toys.

The route is rather popular with holiday makers and numbers are limited during peak season to preserve the sensitive dunes.  So, remember to book with Riekie and his team in time for your Vleesbaai experience.  And no sorry, no dogs are allowed on the dunes.

Some golden rules:       

Do not veer off the route – the dunes are monitored by Nature Conservation

Do not litter – always apply the trash in, trash out attitude

No pets allowed – there are some smaller wildlife in the dunes

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  1. Jana

    Does Richy’s farm have campsites?

    1. TravelBucket (Post author)

      Yes, it does – about 8 sites. For booking contact them directly at +27(0)44 699 1107.


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