Knysna was and is one of South Africa’s favourite holiday destinations and these days another different attraction is added to the scene where you can go full throttle.

At first you will think this is all about bikes, but while browsing through the display you will notice there is much more than wheels to this living museum (if you want to call it that).  You will notice the passion, the history and a story behind each bike on display.

The Motorcycle Room is Colin Studen’s happy place.   He takes old and new bikes which were heading for the dumpster, regardless make and model, and turn it into a memory (like the one of a kind model, Copper).

It is his happy place and not only filled with his happy memories, but also happy memories of every boy, no matter the age, that visits the room.  When we visited on hubby’s birthday I kept an eye on the expressions of fellow visitors.  It was nice to see how faces lit up on recognition of some favourites and memories flooding back of their first 50s when they were still young and reckless, moons ago, and quite often you will hear a father saying to the boy at his side “when I was your age we ….”

This is not a place only for rare and spotless bikes that is showcased, but things close to your heart if you are a motor cycle enthusiast.  This is a room where the bikes get used, are loved and are restored with tender love.  This is a place where the bikes go out onto the road and the rider still have some fun with  it.  This is a room filled with passion.

And, as Colin says in his own words, if your old friend from yesteryear is not there at the moment, keep on coming back. You might just find him/her (I do not know what you call your motorbike) one day.  Colin is always on the look-out for that special find tucked away in an old barn, covered under dust and rust that he can turn into something special.

In one corner there is soft couches and a heap of magazines and books which you can browse through while having a cup of coffee – anything from a bike manual to some interesting magazines.  This space is a happy place.

The Motorcycle Room is a place of memories and old two-wheeled friends that you wish you never parted with, but sometimes unfortunately had to part with (as we know that life sometimes throws a lemon or two at you and you have to depart with good things in life).

Just go!  Tell your story or listen to someone else’s story.  You will always find a story at the Motorcyle Room.

Entrance fee on our visit:  R100 per person.

Where:  Thesen Island, Knysna

Time budget:  I think more or less 1.5 hour will be enough

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