As I am sitting behind my computer writing this I am missing Sudan.   Yes, Sudan! Hubby was stationed there for about three years and I was fortunate enough to visit Khartoum four times.  As you approach from a southerly direction you get a glimpse of the White Nile embracing the sprawling city when peeking through the aeroplane’s window.  The below video that I found on Youtube of a Qatar flight approaching the airport is exactly what I saw on my first visit!

Stepping off the aeroplane at Khartoum International Airport the desert heat bounces from the tarmac and hits you in the face no matter what time of day or night you arrive.  Immediately I realized that Africa is throwing a totally new experience at me.  Driving from the airport back “home” introduced an unknown world to me – tuck-tucks and taxis negotiating melting tar surfaces, interesting vehicles  and cool water stored in clay pitchers in front of private houses for anyone who passes by to consume.

I also noticed the interesting people of Sudan.  There are the tall, slim very black and beautiful race from South Sudan, the paler smaller, and equally beautiful people, from the Northern parts of Sudan, mixed in between are the people from Ethiopian and Egyptian decent and also dots of Caucasians from every country imaginable in the world, working for UNAMIS in Sudan, mixing with the stray dogs of the streets.

With memories collected from souks, malls, ancient sites, Biblical rivers, unexpected sights and  experiences in and around Khartoum the Sudanese people will always have a soft spot in my heart because they have an interesting story to tell.

To read about my visit to the pyramids in northern Sudan go to the SUDAN post – enjoy!


RECOMMENDED:  The story of Aher Arop Bol as contained in the book “The lost boy” is  a fascinating read of a boy’s journey to escape from the conflict in Sudan.


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