With all the new rules and regulations and do’s and don’ts that influence our lives during the Corona virus pandemic I am pretty sure that our behaviour while travelling will change.  COVID-19 has changed the tourism scene dramatically  –  accommodation is running on LOW capacity BUT the same amenities are still available with certain changes that need to be adhered to.

Airlines reduced their capacity to adhere to safety regulations (and tickets more expensive) and all of a sudden crowded beaches and touristy spots do not sound as appealing anymore.  So, what will be appealing now?  I think that solo journeys to more isolated places and camping in isolated spot away from your neighbour will become more popular in the future than ever before.  It is as if camping and overlanding was invented for this COVID-19 pandemic. 

With the necessary precautions (mask and sanitizer at the ready of course) you can still fit in some of the road trips that were on your bucketlist for many years.   You do not even need to cross borders and take tests as there are enough places to explore in our own beautiful country.

Still need some suggestions where to go?

  • Take a trip to experience the moon landscapes of the Richtersveld National Park.  The chances are good that you will not encounter anyone while in the park.  This is not for the feint hearted though as the conditions are quite extreme and you have to be self-reliant.
  • Do the Shipwreck trail along the West-Coast.  This 4×4 route is a one-way drive along sandy, under-used roadways between Koingnaas and Kleinzee on the north-west part of South Africa’s coastline, known as the Diamond Coast.  Expect lots of sand.
  • Book a farmstay in the Karoo and get back to basics again.  We recently visited A Blesfontein Experience near Sutherland and totally enjoyed the slow life of the area. 
  • Or take a trip to the glacial floors on the farm Oorlogskloof in the Nieuwoudtville district.    It is hard to believe that in another lifetime this area was covered with ice.

South Africa has so many undiscovered remote areas to enjoy as a traveller.  I think this is the time to explore our own country.

Remember the most important thing is to keep moving forward and never stop exploring.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for some secrets and inspiration for your next trip.


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