There are many recipes for cheesecake, and everyone claims that they have the best recipe under the sun, but I must say this IS one of the best recipes that I have eaten in a very, very long time.

And as you can expect the Country Café also has its own secret cheesecake recipe, made by a local lad from Hoekwil.

Locals and visitors come here on a Sunday morning to meet friends and have coffee and some of the famous cheesecake and while enjoying your treat the owner will come around to chit-chat, proudly inform you how many slices they have sold thus far.

The café owner meticulously keeps track of each cheesecake slice that is sold in the shop as he earnestly tries to improve on his previous year’s total.  So, guys and girls, grandma and grandpa, go, go, go, to the Hoekwil Country Café to help him sell some more cheesecake for a new record.

And like any true country café there are all kinds of sweets in old fashioned glass jars and stone ground flour in paper bags on the shelves.  This reminds me of my childhood when I was sent to the Indian shop and could buy something for myself with the change  – a marshmallow mouse or an orange “appelkosie” were my preferred choices!

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