South Africa has great farm stalls dotted all over our beautiful country and Dassiesfontein is one of he top notch ones.   It is hard to miss the Dassiesfontein farm stall on the N2 whether you are approaching from Caledon or Botrivier.  It sort of sits in the middle of nowhere.

From the outside it looks rather small, but once you enter one is amazed on how well it is stocked to the brim.  There are way more things than you can dream of – vellies, garden goodies, funky clothes, black stoves, woven baskets, pretty chandeliers, wooden cheeseboards, crystal glasses, etcetera.  Imagine something and I am pretty sure that you will find it somewhere in the shop.  The best of all is that you can visit often, as the merchandise regularly changes and something new and interesting is added.

You really need more than an hour to browse through all the merchandise – that is besides enjoying the delicious no fuss meals that they serve.  When last did you eat kaiings or perlemoen (abalone) or pickled fish

I think an appropriate word for this treasure trove farm stall will be the descriptive Swedish word “smörgasbord”.


Opening hours:   Every day of the week (closing time 17:30)

Did you know?  That a dassie (the Afrikaans for a rock hyrax) is related to an elephant.  Hyraxes, elephants and dugongs evolved from a single common ancestor!


Another interesting one to visit is Pampoen in the Breede River Vally.  (

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