Addo Elephant National Park is one of the smaller parks in South Africa, but did you know it is the only park in South Africa that boasts the Big Seven?  Are you able to name the Big Seven?  What better way to start this post with an appropriate shot of an elly!

Situated in the adventure province of the Eastern Cape it is within easy reach of the Friendly City of Port Elizabeth and is a firm favorite for a day escape from hectic city life.  I feel like experimenting as 2017 is drawing to an end and thus decided on an all-out black and white theme.

One of my favorite objects to capture is zebras as they are really patient while you are zooming in and set your focus to snap that perfect moment.  This was another black and white shoot done and dusted.  Did you know that you get three types of zebra?  Burchell’s zebra (the most common one), the mountain zebra (mainly in the Mountain Zebra Park near Cradock) and Grevy’s zebra in the Northern parts of Africa?

The Black-backed jackal (also known as a Silver-backed jackal) is often regarded a problem animal amongst the farmers in the Karoo, because of the damage that they can create in sheep pens.   However today it is a perfect fit for my black and white stheme on my day trip to Addo.

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