The German company, BMW, celebrated its 100th year in the industry around the globe in 2016.


Some of the 100 plus steeds that turned up despite the weather

The Garden Route’s celebration ride took us towards the Knysna Heads view point for a photo shoot as part of BMW’s worldwide celebrations.  The weather in George was gloomy, but we said that we will go so we kept our promise.  On the bikes and off we go, we cannot miss this historic gathering because of a bit of rain!


Daisy checking out the yellow Gifappel in front of her

It was a nice leisurely ride to Knysna and the weather was holding.  We thought that we were a bit early for the event, but on our arrival there were already some guys of the biking community waiting excitedly for fellow riders and friends to arrive.   The weather turned out for the worse with some rain coming down, but the never ending stream of BMW bikes arrived in all shapes and sizes. – super fast bikes to the hardy off roader, classics and brand spanking new ones off the showroom.


Some special ones from earlier years

Nobody was bothered with the rain while a lot of drooling and ooh and ahs were going round.   At times I was not sure if the dampness was from all the drooling or from the rain  coming down ……

Then it was time for a quick stroll down to the view point with the drone flying overhead. While smiling and waving like pros the necessary official video and snapshots were captured and soon all was done and dusted!


Smiling and waving at the drone

I am happy that I could be part of this quick gathering In history.

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