Kruger National Park is famous for its hordes of Impala from Pafuri in the north along the 350 km stretch to the most southern gate at Crocodile Bridge.  This is so to the extent that if you see a herd of impala that you hardly  mention it to your travel buddies – unless there is really nothing else to get excited about!

On our recent trip I took some time to photograph the beautiful buck faces hiding in the grass and foliage.


But I think the first prize goes to the cutest curious baby Kudu, with  its white moustache, peeking through the trees to us!


Despite the severe drought all the animals seem to have babies and all looked in a good shape considering the extreme drought conditions.  Park officials reckon that it is the worst drought since 1991.  We can all just hope and pray that the rain will come soon in this part of the country.

 The meaning of “pass the buck” for those who do not know the expression:

pass the buck

Fig. to pass the blame (to someone else); to give the responsibility (to someone else). (See also The buck stops here.) Don’t try to pass the buck! It’s your fault, and everybody knows it. Some people try to pass the buck whenever they can.
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