St Anthony’s Cathlolic Church with its green roof sloping down to almost ground level is tucked away in the sleepy holiday village of Bushman’s River Mouth.   In the church grounds there is a beautiful Wild Fig tree providing generous shade in the hot African sun. The church is small and can seat about 150-200 people however large crowds of people are apparently overflowing the church and crowding the doorways during Easter and the summer holidays.  But today with all the holiday makers back to the grinding stone there was nobody in sight.

DIverse 028

St Anthony, a Portuguese Catholic priest born in 1195, is often depicted holding the infant Jesus, a book or a lily. He is the patron saint of mariners, fisherman, elderly people, poor people, shipwrecks and travellers. I think these attributes are very fitting also for the village of Bushamn’s River.

DIverse 026.1

This is yet again one of those unexpected discoveries thanks to geocaching that forced me to make a detour into the village.  Love to explore all the hidden gems of my own country!

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