In a previous life the premises was a small surfboard factory, but was given a new life and was turned into a popular eatery situated in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth away from the tourist strip.  That is what makes it so nice to visit – you meet the friendly citizens of The Bay while having breakfast or lunch or a beer or whatever you fancy at that moment.

PE 10.07.2015 047

My daughter took me for an early Sunday breakfast and what a nice surprise!  The mixed décor creates a fantastic relaxed atmosphere to create just the right mood to have something delicious from the varied menu.

PE 10.07.2015 052

Poached eggs and salmon

A first for me was the “craft” juice – something to the likes of craft beer, but a healthier option.  But do not forget that they also serve some craft beer here!  This is not just a coffee shop but much more.  It was just a bit early for me to have beer for breakfast!  Next time we will return to taste some of the craft beers that they offer and try something else on the scrumptious menu.   I am always in to try and test some new things.  After all that is what keeps life interesting!

Hand crafted juices

Hand crafted juices

And if you feel like chilling go downstairs where you can curl up and be cozy on the leather couches and chat the time away with old, new or special friends.

Downstairs in the dungeon

Downstairs in the dungeon

To my beautiful daughter – thank you for introducing me to this place.  See you again, Friendly Stranger!


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