During 2011  me and my hubby riding buddy went on a motorbike trip to Namakwaland to see the spring flowers in all its majesty.  The first night we slept at the sleepy town of Frazerburg in The Groot Karoo.

Waking up to a freezing but spectacular sunrise and after a hearty breakfast we set off on our long day’s ride.   First of all we had to get Daisy (for those of you who do not know – that is my GS) and Ogre (that is hubby’s GS) going in the chilly weather.   Like our cold and stiff fingers they were not used to these low temperatures of the Karoo.  Welcome in the heartland of the Karoo!


On our way out of town I was fortunate enough to track down another Sophy Gray church at 31°55′00″S 21°30′47″E which was built in 1870 – one year before her death  on 27  April 1871.  As it was still very early the church was  locked so no opportunity to take a sneak peak inside.   Today it had to be a “drive by shooting” snapshot of the church.

So happy 🙂  to add another tick to my Sophy Gray list.  The hunt is on for some more.




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