The first and foremost thing that struck me about King Williams Town, as we drove into the centre of the town, is the abundance of steeple chases complimented by the purple jacarandas  that was coming into bloom dotted all over town.

kerke 005-001

King Williams Town started as a mission station on the banks of the Buffalo River in 1834 and boasts a number of old and interesting buildings.  This probably also explain the abundance of steeple chases that you can see when scanning the horizon.

kerke 006 While having breakfast at the Spur I had a good vantage point to admire yet another Sophy Gray church.  When reading up on the history of the stone churches I became hooked on this remarkable and inspiring woman that Sophy Gray was and now try to find as many of her churches as  I possibly can.  It seems they just have the habit of popping up in the most unexpected places!

kerke 009

Built by prisoners garrisoned in King Williams Town this little gem’s foundation stone was laid in 1850 and officially opened in 1856.  As it was still early morning the doors were securely locked so I was not afforded a peep inside.   I am sure the inside, like all the other Sophy Gray churches, will not disappoint.

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