Situated on a gravel road close to Island Lake, Wilderness this is an easy to medium rated walk (depending on the water levels) which even the small ones in the family will be able to cope with.  The entrance to the walk reminds me about stories of fairies and gnomes, but decide for yourself.

We tackled the route in peak summer and even then the lush 2.5 km (5 km return) trail, which follows the course of the Duiwe River, provided enough shade for a nice walk.  The entire route is clearly marked with blue markers and is easy to follow.

There are a few river crossings which normally are very easy with no need to take your shoes off, but do take care over wet slippery rocks when traversing the streams – unless you want to cool down; which is also not a bad idea!

While walking be alert for snakes, such as puff adders, as they camouflage well in the leafy surroundings, but do not forget to enjoy nature.  Along the route we spotted a couple of Brown Hooded Kingfisher, but were unlucky to see the elusive Knysna turacos that hide high above in the trees.

This is a non-guided trail, but you need a self-issuing permit which is obtainable at the entrance gate.  Keep the permit in your pocket to produce when asked for it.

Take lots of photos and enjoy the walk!

GPS coordinates:   33° 59′ 1.788″ S,   22° 39′ 3.8232″ E

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