Chocolate cake for breakfast!      That sounds good to me, but not what my mom will regard as healthy.  After all it is Sunday morning so anything is allowed for breakfast.

Blue Shed 003

We opted for the Blue Shed roastery, with a view over the harbour,  in Bland Street, Mossel Bay which sells and serves a wide range of coffee varieties from countries such as Indonesia, Uganda and Ethiopia (the origin of coffee) to name but a few.  You will even find a coffee liqueur neatly packed on the small counter.   Not too shabby for this part of the world on the African continent!  Without doubt this is where I will get my next  quality brew for a cuppa or two.

Blue Shed 005

With the laughter of kids in the background enjoying themselves in the small play park my option this morning fell on a moist but very delicious chocolate cake for breakfast and hubby opted for a pie and gravy and my not so little one anymore opted for something more filling like a quiche and salad – quite a variety that were dished up for breakfast.  None of us complained about our choices though – everyone was quite happy with what we had for breakfast. 🙂  (If you are in need of a proper breakfast or something more healthy you will need to visit  one of the other eateries in Mossel Bay).

KOEKFrom our breakfast choices I am sure the ONLY inference  is that we are not the ordinary South African citizen who likes bacon and eggs or some healthy stuff on a Sunday morning.   Anyway we enjoyed our brekkie!

Blue Shed 006

Thanks to the wonders of geocaching we discovered this gem which I will visit more regularly from now on.  🙂

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